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 What are cookies?

A cookie is a small text file stored by a home page on your computer or mobile device when you open the site. It helps you remember the login name and settings (such as language, font size, etc. display settings) with which you have chosen to view the site so that you do not need to restate each time.

What are the cookies?

Analytical cookies. These cookies store information about how a visitor to our home page uses an Internet home page, such as which sections are most frequently visited. This information helps us to develop a page, make it more friendly and comfortable for you. These cookies identify your device but do not disclose identity. In some cases, analytical cookies may be passed on to third parties, such as Google Analytics. You can read more about the Google Analytics Terms of Service here: S ̌ i ̄ s si ̄ kdatnes is glaba ̄ that Your ̄ ̄ not lasted ̄ k ̄ for two years.


Technical cookies (optional ̄, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, etc.). These cookies are essential because the smooth functioning of the page is required. Without these cookies, it is not possible to use the home page completely. Mandatory cookies are needed to meet your requests, and so that the website can remember which cookies you use, you have agreed. These cookies identify the user's device but do not disclose the user's identity and do not collect or collect user information. These cookies are stored on your device until your browser is closed, but not long ̄ k ̄ for two years. You have the ability to disable them using your browser, but the website will not be able to function properly.

 Target or promotional cookies. Provides ads and statements related to you and your interests. These cookies are also used to customize your advertising and notifications based on your interests. These cookie pages are stored permanently on visitors' devices.


Save, restrict, and disable cookies.

When you visit our website, you are informed that we use cookies. By closing this message, you confirm that you have met and agreed with the information about cookies. You want cookies to be controlled and deleted. If you don't want to use cookies on your device, you can change your browser settings. You must make changes to the settings individually for each browser. However, it is noted that you cannot opt out of the use of mandatory and functional cookies, because without them the full use of the website is not possible.